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Future Ventures Officially Launches

Hello Future. Future Ventures Fund 1 is our flagship $200 million venture fund focused on seed and early-stage investments in trailblazing, purpose-driven entrepreneurs with ideas that have the potential to reinvent entire industries. 

We were thrilled to have the support of a dream team of limited partners that share our passion for backing extraordinary entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We were oversubscribed with interest, allowing us to get to a single close in record time. Thank you for your support and belief in us.


The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss commands 90% of my podcast attention. Unlike the arbitrage media du jour, he aims for timeless nuggets of wisdom from a panoply of top performers. So, it is a great honor to have our almost 3-hour (!) long-form interview go live today, with a wide range of fun topics. Enjoy: Our Episode (we start at minute 6:19 with a deep dive on quantum computing. A wider range of fun topics starts at minute 27).


Let’s not Call them Flying Cars, Maryanna Shares Perspective at the Uber Elevate Conference

As a moto-head I cringe at the prospect of taking a car and trying to make it fly - it’s inefficient, it’s heavy, it’s a waste. Cars are amazing but nothing about the word ‘car’ evokes flight-worthiness. Soon Tesla and other companies pioneering electric vehicles will change our perspective on the word car, it will become seamless with powerful, clean, accessible transport; until then let’s keep the cars to the ground and stop trying to strap wings to internal combustion engines. Here’s a link to a fun discussion we had at the Uber Elevate Summit around funding e-VTOL’s, and how that future may evolve.


Steve Interviews Elon Musk At Stanford for FutureFest

My favorite questions came from the students, as I had never heard them asked before. They covered Elon's thoughts on governance on Mars and his views on art and design (which reminded me so much of Steve Jobs).

1. Nick Xu, Architectural Design, Co-Term: What do you look for in design? What do you look for in art?

2. Stanford Space Initiative students: How do you envision humans governing a separate planet?


NPR Interview on VC and Cognitive Diversity

I don't usually like to talk about VC topics, but NPR Marketplace posted an interview by Molly Wood. 

Minute 11 — team size and scaling limits

Minute 15 — seven year cycles from feedback lag

Minute 18 — the cognitive diversity bonus 

I recently learned that I am quoted in Scott Page's book on Diversity pp.124-5. At a philanthropy gathering, he reminded me that when I first met him at a conference lunch, I got all excited about the SFI research showing diversity being more important than ability in certain contexts, and I quoted him before I knew he was him. I'm glad I got the attribution right there!